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Working Load & Safety Factors

The Grips in the catalog have listed approximate Breaking Strength. The approximate breaking strength of an Amtec grip represents an average calculation based on test factors, which have been determined from data established from actual testing performed in our engineering laboratories. The actual testing is performed with new Grips on metal rods, subject to straight longitudinal tensile loads applied at a uniform rate. Normal manufacturing and test factors can produce a variation + or – 20% in the approximate breaking strength values listed.

The broad application of Amtec Grips on a wide variety of objects require that adequate safety factors be used to establish a safe working load. The ratio of the listed approximate breaking strength to the normal working load is the safety factor. As an example, a safety factor of ten (10) would then mean the working load is established by dividing the catalog listed approximate breaking strength by ten (10), or it can be stated that the working load is 1/10 of the catalog listed approximate breaking strength.

It is impossible to set a safety factor suitable for all cases as operating conditions are never the same. The load, the speed, the acceleration, the diameter, number of objects gripped, surface of object being gripped, and the attachments used – all of these should be considered, together with the effects of abrasion, corrosion, prior use, or abuse, etc. The user-engineer must consider all the variables of his specific application, as well as possible accident consequences, before selecting the safety factor to be applied. Where the conditions of the application are not well defined or where risk of personnel or property damage is high, a greater safety factor should be utilized.

Any warranty as to quality, performance or fitness for use of Grips is always premised on the condition that the published approximate breaking strengths apply only to new, unused grips and that such products are properly stored, handled, used, maintained, and properly inspected from time to time during the period of use.

The factory should be consulted for specific application recommendations where approximate breaking strength and holding power are critical.

Caution: Never use grips to approximate breaking strength - refer to working load and safety factors.