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Pulling Grips

Amtec utility pulling grips are made of high strength galvanized steel strand.

Pulling Grips Styles and Applications

  • Medium duty pulling grips are double weave for added strength with greater mesh contact on the cable to handle longer or heavier pulling jobs.
  • Amtec light duty pulling grips are single weave with a flexible eye for easy attachment to a pulling line. They are used in general underground electrical construction where pulling tensions are low.
  • Amtec slack pulling grips are made of galvanized steel and come in three styles with a single offset eye for easy attachment to a pulling line. Closed, when the cable end is accessible, split lace and rod closing when cable end is not accessible. Grips are used in pulling slack for final placement of underground cable after it has been pulled and longer mesh for higher pulling loads where space is not restricted.

Double Weave – Medium Duty Utility Pulling
Single Weave – Light Duty and Junior Grips
Slack Pulling Single/Double Weave Closed Mesh
Slack Pulling Single/Double Weave Split Lace Closing
Slack Pulling Single Weave Rod Closing

Caution: Never use grips to approximate breaking strength - refer to working load and safety factors.